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 Clerk Demos      April 5, 2020  
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These video demonstrations require that you be able to access YouTube. Select video topics from the list below. Additionally, all videos feature narration so be certain your system has sound capabilities and the volume is not off.

Motor Vehicle Registration Certified Copy.
Describes the method of creating a certified copy for a resident that has lost a motor vehicle registration.    

New Registration - EX and a Beach Sticker.
Demonstrates how to process a New Registration for a vehicle with an exempt title status and a Beach Sticker.

Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal.
Demonstrates the twelve month renewal process for a motor vehicle registration.                                        

New Registration with Title Application.
Highlights the process of creating a new registration with a title application.                  

Transfer a Registration Owner to Owner.
Demonstrates how to process an Owner to Owner Transfer of a vehicle for a customer.

Common Fee Settlement.
Demonstrates the common fee settlement process so different types of transactions (e.g. dog license, dump sticker, and/or motor vehicle registration) for a single resident can be paid on a single receipt. 

Clerk Short Slip and Credit Maintenance.
Highlights how to use Avitar's Clerk program in the maintenance of town short slips and/or credits.

Boat Registration Renewal.
Demonstrates how to process a Boat Registration Renewal using Avitar's Clerk program.