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 Clerk Features Common      April 5, 2020  
Common Application Features

The Avitar Clerk/Motor Vehicle MAAP System is a stand alone Clerk system, allowing for the maintenance and reporting of all clerk functions and fees. The system consists of the core application interface with common reporting and fee settlement functions. The system has distinct modules built around the common core, each of which can be enabled or disabled based on the needs of the Town and its individual users. Descriptions of each of the modules are presented on different pages, but the common core application has the following features:

  • Multi-user, Client/Server Windows application utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express database platform.
  • Flexible user configurations so that individual users can be created with access only to basic functions or with access to supervisor functions.
  • Common fee settlement process so different types of transactions (e.g. dog license, dump sticker, and/or motor vehicle registration) for a single resident can be paid on a single receipt.
  • End of day deposit functions to assist users with balancing their cash drawers.
  • Full functions for void transactions and the issuance and application of credits.
  • Maintenance of Account Numbers that can be associated with each individual fee to track the disbursement of collected monies to various Town Accounts.
  • The ability to place transactions on Hold for instances when residents may not have brought sufficient funds.
  • Auditing of transactions and deposits to secure the Town and the user against mistakes and mishaps.
  • Integrated Crystal Reports components for reporting functions, allowing the user to produce dozens of standard reports for a single day or date range that can be exported to any of a number of standard file formats, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF.