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 Online Presentment & Payment      April 5, 2020  
Avitar Clerk Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment Minimize

Avitar and Invoice Cloud have partnered to provide seamless integration between Avitar’s Clerk/Motor Vehicle system and Invoice Cloud’s web based Electronic Invoicing Presentment and Processing (EIPP) portal which allows customers to access renewal notices online and make payments over the Internet.

  • Once a month, renewal information is exported by the municipality from the Avitar Clerk/Motor Vehicle system and imported directly to the Invoice Cloud portal.
  • Invoice Cloud provides the municipality with a unique URL link that the municipality can place on its own web site and include on the renewal notices.
  • Customers are able to view and pay renewal notices online using their plate number and a unique PIN included on the notice or by following a link contained in a personalized email notification.
  • Customers with multiple vehicles or multiple dogs are presented with a list of all vehicles or dogs and their corresponding renewal costs.
  • The customer can choose to register one items or multiple items at one time using a secure and safe web site.
  • All financial transactions are processed through a PCI compliant service that specializes in enabling government organizations to accept and manage electronic payments.
  • The municipality receives 100% of the fees due and there is no charge to the municipality for the electronic payment service. Customers are charged a small convenience fee for using the service.
  • The Clerk is able to download daily files containing payment and vehicle renewal information from Invoice Cloud with which transactions are processed in Avitar Clerk/MV.
  • Customers can choose to suppress paper invoices and receive automatic email notifications, thereby eliminating paper waste and reducing municipal postage and handling costs.
  • Customers have access to eighteen months of invoice and payment history.
  • The Invoice Cloud service is a cloud (software as a service) application, which houses the sensitive payment (ACH and credit card) information off site.
  • Avitar charges a nominal one-time set-up charge to configure the web site, install the export functionality, and provide training.