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 Utility Features      February 24, 2020  
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  • Multi-User, Client/Server Windows application utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express database platform, providing integrated security and allowing different access levels for different users.
  • Simple data access to locate records by map and lot, owner name, address, or by meter/account number.
  • Intuitive tabbed interface so all information can be quickly displayed.
  • Simple to use, point and click editing from attribute drop down boxes.
  • No need to re-enter information manually, the Utility Billing account information can be imported directly from the existing Assessing database.
  • Enter readings manually or import from a reader. We offer our own low-cost handheld device.
  • Choose to calculate by district and create individual tax warrants for each district. You can have up to nine districts.
  • Calculate taxes, create a Commitment Report, and even print tax bills.
  • Program can be set to automatically generate account numbers.
  • Maintain detailed information about a property's water and septic billing history.
  • Create and edit standard fees, billing routes, and billing rules.
  • Configure separate billing plans based on account type, metered or flat fee.