New Hampshire Certification

Starting in 2003 and continuing over the subsequent 3 years approximately 25% of the municipalities in New Hampshire, annually needed to meet certification standards developed by the Department of Revenue Administration (DRA) and the Assessing Standards Board (ASB). These standards, while challenging for some towns, will definitely improve the quality of assessing here in New Hampshire. The first cycle was completed in 2006 and the second cycle began in 2009, although some Towns were reviewed in 2007, this was originally planned to be an off year. During this process, staff from the State of NH, Department of revenue visit the selected communities to ensure the establisged standards are being applied. This includes a check for the accuracy of data (ie. homes measured and inspected accurately), accuracy of record-keeping on all properties receiving exemptions and/or credits or that are enrolled in current use and statistical accuracy to ensure all properties are fairly and equitably assessed.