In 2008, having identified the ongoing need of municipalities for quality tax mapping with an assessing influence, Avitar added our Tax Mapping and GIS Services division with the purchase of Terra-Map.


Tax maps are for the purpose of identifying, locating, and assessing all property in a particular municipality.  As such, we believed our long established assessing expertise was a perfect marriage with tax mapping services to provide higher-quality, more readily-usable tax maps. With our extensive assessing background and knowledge, you are guaranteed to have highly useful and very functional maps. We can provide you unmatched services and options at a very affordable cost.


Additionally, we can provide digital map data for integration into our Assessing software. Once maps are imported each parcel on the Map is now associated with all the data contained in the Assessing database. So you can immediately use them to view zoning or neighborhood maps based on parcel information stored in the Assessing database. Maps can also be themed or queried on a variety of information -- e.g. parcels with homes vs. parcels without or parcels containing current use vs. parcels that do not. The possibilities are only limited by the information provided in the Assessing database and your own imagination.


In addition to providing quality tax maps, by integrating your maps with the Assessing Map Tab module Avitar can help you create a functional GIS application for no additional cost, leveraging more from the software and data you already own.