Our Tax Collect application is a fully functional collection system that meets all state standards specific to New Hampshire. Its full integration with our New Hampshire Assessing application simplifies the process of owner updates and tax warrant importation. Review the features, then call us to schedule a demonstration. 

Tax Collect Features And Benefits
  1. Multi-User, Client/Server Windows application utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express database platform, providing integrated security and allowing different access levels for different users.
  2. Simple data access to quickly locate tax bills by map and lot, by owner name, or by parcel address.
  3. Intuitive tabbed interface so all information can be quickly displayed.
  4. Maintain multiple years of past billing information to display a parcel's billing history.
  5. Ability to create receipts and deposits by user, so multiple clerks can keep their collections separate throughout the day.
  6. Ability to create deposits by tender type, so clerks can create one deposit for electronic receipts and a separate deposit for traditional cash and checks. This feature will also assist in balancing online transactions vs. over-the-counter electronic payments. 
  7. Ability to create receipts and deposits by flavor, allowing you to easily keep track of utility and non-utility receipts and deposits.
  8. Generates a Deposit Slip, in addition to the Deposit Report, showing the check number, the payer name, and the amount of each check along with a cash total and the grand total for the deposit.
  9. Ability to export bill information and then accept automated payments from real estate services companies.
  10. Provides superior reporting and auditing capabilities. The MS-61 Report is preformatted to the State of New Hampshire's specifications, and the system generates reports to support every line item.
  11. The Additional Mail-To feature allows the collector to automatically send duplicate tax bills and notices.
  12. Add important notes to parcels with the Post-It feature. Additional flash option can be used to remind the collector of a bad check or a bankruptcy status.
  13. Assign Credits To Warrant function enables the collector to review and assign all outstanding credits in a single process.
  14. Maintain mortgagee information for lien and deed notices and executions. Once mortgagees are added to the system, the cost for notifying the mortgagees at liening and deeding time is automated.
  15. Offers lien execution and redemption formats that are accepted by every county's Registry of Deeds.
  16. Edit Book and Page feature allows the collector to update the system with the recorded lien book and page for each parcel.
  17. Integrates with the Avitar Utility Billing system allowing for the billing and collection of water and sewer bills.
  18. Integrates with the Avitar Assessing system to allow the maintenance and calculation of Tax Increment Financing and Betterment warrants for specific groups of parcels such as sewer districts based on either a flat amount or a tax rate per thousand of assessed value.
  19. Tax Collect can be configured to import owner, value, and exemption information from other CAMA appraisal systems such as Vision, Pro-Val, and Patriot in order to calculate warrants and produce tax bills when configured with the Avitar's Assessing Shell module.
  20. Ability to create a single Panoramic Database to associate JPG pictures and/or PDF documents with any parcel in the database, and can be accessed by users in each of the Assessing, Tax Collect, and Building Permit software applications. 

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