The Avitar Tax Collect Internet Kiosk allows Tax Collectors to easily make their invoice and transaction records available on the Internet so taxpayers, mortgagees, banks, and title companies can view and even pay taxes at any time of day without having to contact the Tax Collector.

Tax Collect Internet Kiosk Features And Benefits
  1. The Tax Collect Internet Kiosk is hosted on Avitar's web site so there is no configuration or maintenance that must be provided by the municipality.  Avitar provides the municipality with a unique URL link that the municipality can place on its own web site, include on tax bills, or publish in newsletters or newspapers.
  2. Once an owner or parcel is selected, a list of all recent invoices is displayed, showing type of invoice, due date, bill amount, and outstanding due amount.
  3. Internet users can change the Interest Date to determine the proper payment amount for future payments.
  4. For any individual invoice, the Internet user can click the Transactions button to access additional information about the specific tax bill, including any transactions that have been made on that invoice such as payments, abatements, or penalties.
  5. For municipalities that choose to accept Internet tax payments, the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk can be configured to allow Internet users to make payments using a secure and safe web site.
  6. Prior to payment customers are directed from the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk web site to secure web site. All financial information will be collected and processed by a nationally-recognized provider of safe and secure electronic payments.
  7. The municipality receives 100% of the taxes paid. Customers are charged a service fee for using the service either as a percentage of the total transaction amount, or flat fee, depending on payment tender.
  8. All financial transactions are processed through a PCI compliant service that specializes in enabling government organizations to accept and manage electronic payments from citizens and businesses. 
  9. For municipalities that choose the PDF/Paperless option, the Tax Kiosk can be configured to provide printable and downloadable PDF Invoices for all types of bills. Additionally, allowing customers to opt-in to receive notice of future tax bill invoices electronically rather than by mail.
  10. Pricing for the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk is based on the configuration chosen by the municipality. 
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