Products And Services

We provide a unique outlook in the way maps should look and function.  With our knowledge of assessing, integrated with user friendly and intuitive software, we can create maps with assessors and property owners in mind.  Any mapper can throw layer upon layer on a map, but the art of creating maps comes with balancing the amount of information with the ability to read it.  We use colors and styles for lines and fills to create readable maps both in color or when copied to black and white that anyone can pick up and use.   




  1. Conversion to Digital or full GIS capabilities.
  2. Annual Tax Map Updates with PDF visual map report highlighting the parcels changed that year.  As well as a spreadsheet report with parcel information and the type of changes that occurred.
  3. Corrections to map information using most recently available aerial photographs.
  4. Full GIS online maps for town and public use.




  1. Providing readable maps at small sizes (11inx17in) with maximum information provided.
  2. Using information in assessing databases to create useful maps such as properties in current use and/or town owned land.
  3. Integrating maps into a GIS application, especially our own Avitar Assessing software.
  4. Analyzing and cross referencing Assessing data and Integrated GIS maps for possible missing information to produce actionable reports.


We are not a large company attempting to fit every customer into the same template. We understand that each customer is different and has specific needs that require different information to be available on the maps.  With that in mind our first order of business is to sit down with you, and find what options you want or need.  Only then can we proceed and supply you with a plan to best fit your needs and budget.  From there we provide you with the monthly updates and PDF files to show the progress we have made and to secure your input on anything additional needed to perfect your maps.