The Clerk Browser system allows the clerk to re-enter browser transactions into the Avitar Clerk system either individually, after the transaction has been processed in the State's MAAP system, or as a single summary transaction at the end of the day. While this option requires the clerk to double-enter transactions (if re-entering each transaction), it allows smaller communities that do not have a significant volume of motor vehicle transactions to maintain the town accounting of motor vehicle transactions without incurring the costs associated with the Avitar's Motor Vehicle MAAP Module option.  

MV Browser Module Features And Benefits
  1. A simple interface for quickly entering motor vehicle transactions already processed in DMV's Browser application.
  2. Ability to maintain information for Boat transactions.
  3. Maintains inventory reports for Decals, CTA numbers, and Plates.
  4. Integrates Motor Vehicle transactions with other Clerk transactions to create a single source for all Clerk accounting.


Brochure (PDF)