Our Water/Sewer Utility Billing system is designed to help municipalities maintain account, usage, and billing information for community water and sewer networks. Tightly integrated with our Assessing and Tax Collect systems, the Utility Billing system allows you to view your town's water and sewer information quickly and easily. Review the features and benefits, then call us to schedule a demonstration.

Utility Billing Features and Benefits
  1. Multi-User, Client/Server Windows application utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express database platform, providing integrated security, and allowing different access levels for different users.
  2. Simple data access to locate records by map and lot, by owner name, by address, or by meter/account number.
  3. Intuitive tabbed interface so all information can be quickly displayed.
  4. Simple to use, point-and-click editing from attribute drop down boxes.
  5. No need to re-enter information manually, the Utility Billing account information can be imported directly from the existing Assessing database.
  6. Enter readings manually or import from a reader. We offer our own low-cost handheld device.
  7. Choose to calculate by district and create individual tax warrants for each district. You can have up to nine districts.
  8. Calculate taxes, create a Commitment Report, and even print tax bills.
  9. Program can be set to automatically generate account numbers.
  10. Maintain detailed information about a property's water and septic billing history.
  11. Create and edit standard fees, billing routes, and billing rules.
  12. Configure separate billing plans based on account type, metered or flat fee.

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