Avitar Software Support

Avitar develops and supports all software in-house and takes great pride in its reputation for unparalleled software support. Typically, the initial Software Purchase Agreement for an Avitar Software application includes Software Support until the end of the first calendar year. Thereafter, support for each application is provided under a yearly support agreement.

The following items are covered under Avitar's annual software support agreements:


  1. Application Updates
  2. Telephone Support
  3. Online/Remote Support
  4. User Groups and Periodic Training Seminars 
  5. Support Blog and Email Newsletters

Perhaps the most important aspect of software support is the ability to get prompt answers to your questions. Phones are answered by actual software support specialists -- no voice mail or automated ticketing systems -- and most questions can be answered initially right over the telephone. Occasionally, it may take longer until the appropriate staff member is able to troubleshoot the issue and respond. But whatever the problem, help is never more than a phone call away. 


In addition to phone and online support, we schedule periodic user group meetings at our office in Chichester. This is a great opportunity for users to interact with each other and share ideas and tips. We usually plan a demonstration to review a particular aspect or new feature of the software and then spend the rest of the time responding to user questions and requests.


We provide application updates to the system software several times each year as new features or updates are added. These updates generally provide new reports or specific capabilities that come out of the ideas shared at our user group meetings. 


For complete details of what is covered under Avitar's annual software support agreements review the Maintenance Agreement to the right. 

Maintenance Agreement

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