The Motor Vehicle MAAP Module of Avitar Clerk is uniquely designed for New Hampshire communities and provides the Town with a complete motor vehicle solution that is fully compatible with the State of New Hampshire's Municipal Agent Automation Project (MAAP).  Depending upon the Town's current municipal agent status, Avitar can configure the Town's installation of the Motor Vehicle system to perform as an online municipal agent or as town only.  

MV MAAP Module Features And Benefits
  1. Intuitive screens, drop down menus, tool bars, and tab controls that allow the user to view owner, vehicle, fee, and registration information from a single screen, eliminating the need to scroll through pages and pages of information.
  2. Allows users (depending on the Town's municipal agent status) to perform all of the common motor vehicle functions such as Renewals, New Registrations, Transfers, Decal Replacements, and Plate Replacements.
  3. Processes for ownership functions such as Surviving Spouse transactions and Primary/Secondary Owner Swaps.
  4. Functions for Title Only, Antique Titles, and Certified Copies.
  5. Inventory reports for the accounting of Permits, CTAs, Plates, and Decals.
  6. Provides a daily MAAP Financial Close Out Report to assist the clerk with balancing the cash drawer.
  7. Supervisor, Monthly Activity and Daily DMV Transaction Log Reports.
  8. Price Quotes for New, Renewal, and Transfer Registrations to provide residents with cost information prior to processing the complete transaction.
  9. Provides streamlined functions to assist with the often complicated process of Fleet Renewals.
  10. Function to import the monthly DMV .txt file of Registration data.
  11. Renewal Registration Notice printing, and/or file export to presort mailing service.
  12. Compass Interface import for processing Internet Registrations.
Brochure (PDF)