The Dog Licensing Module of Avitar Clerk meets all of New Hampshire's State requirements, per RSA 466, with regard to the licensing of dogs.

Dog Licensing Module Features and Benefits
  1. Conforms to all aspects of the New Hampshire RSA laws, providing licenses, reports, and notices as required.
  2. Simple functions for New Licenses, Renewal Licenses, Transfers, and Tag Replacements.
  3. Produces standard and customizable notices to remind dog owners to renew existing licenses.
  4. Displays a reminder dog icon in Fee Settlement if the current motor vehicle customer has a dog that has not been renewed, allowing for the option to renew it as part of the current cart.
  5. Generates Rabies Notification Letters to send to residents.
  6. Generates Civil Forfeitures for residents who have not licensed their dogs.
  7. Generates Warrants for residents who have failed to register their dogs after receiving a notification and forfeiture letter.
  8. Reports for all collected City/Town, and State dog licensing fees.
  9. Maintains inventory for all dog licensing tags.
  10. Can be configured to charge optional Mail-In fee if the municipality charges extra for renewals received by mail.
Brochure (PDF)