A Town-wide Revaluation is the act of visiting every property within the municipality, measuring the exterior and inspecting the interior of each building in order to appraise each property for its current market value as of April 1st of a given year. This process includes the following steps:


  1. Identifying the different neighborhoods within the municipality (location, location, location)
  2. Visit and collect data on each property.
  3. Investigate, research and verify sales information.
  4. Diagram the footprint of each building.
  5. Create cost tables from which all assessments are derived.
  6. Analyze neighborhood values and the impact of waterfront and view amenities.
  7. Utility analysis and assessment.
  8. Parcel by parcel field review to ensure consistent and equitable assessment.
  9. Send revised assessments to property owners.
  10. Informal hearings with each property owner regarding their new values.
  11. Final review of property after informal reviews.
  12. Digital pictures.
  13. Defense of values to Board of Tax and Land Appeals (BTLA) and/or Superior Court.

The revaluation option is available today through a Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (CAMA) system which is the most expensive, as it includes a full measure and list of all properties requiring an on-site visitation and sometimes two or more visits to inspect the interior of each property.

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