The Avitar Assessing Internet Kiosk allows municipalities to easliy make their Avitar Assessing data available on the Internet so taxpayers, banks, realtors, and others can access assessment data and tax map information at any time of day without having to contact the municipality. 

Assessing Internet Kiosk Features and Benefits
  1. The Assessing Internet Kiosk is hosted and maintained on Avitar’s web site (data.avitarassociates.com) so there is no configuration or maintenance that must be provided by the municipality.
  2. Avitar provides the municipality with a unique URL link that the municipality can place on its own website for users to be directed straight to the municipality’s assessing data. 
  3. Provides users with convenient access to complete assessment information and helps to reduce requests made in person at the municipal office for copies of assessment cards.
  4. Provides taxpayers with the ability to easily and thoroughly compare and contrast their own assessments with those of their neighbors, enabling them to investigate and answer their own questions and concerns or to identify actual inaccuracies in the assessment that might otherwise have been undiscovered.
  5. Search and select parcel records visually by Map and Lot (PID), by Owner Name, or by Parcel Address.
  6. Perform more complex searches using the Basic search or Sales search options to identify parcels with common attributes like, for example, all vacant commercial parcels between two and ten acres.
  7. Intuitive tabbed interface, so all information can be quickly displayed. 
  8. Printer icon allows the user to view and print an online assessment card for a selected parcel.
  9. Links directly to the selected parcel’s tax history on the Tax Collect Internet Kiosk to easily view/pay tax bills.
  10. View primary and secondary photos for a selected parcel.
  11. Displays Income Valuation details (e.g. income category, rentable square feet, potential gross income, etc.) for parcels within the municipality that are assessed using an income approach to value rather than a cost approach. 
Kiosk Configuration Request/Release

Brochure (PDF)