Our New Hampshire Assessing application is currently used in approximately 150 towns throughout New Hampshire, with more towns installing it every year.  Review the features and call us to schedule a demonstration.

Assessing Features and Benefits
  1. Multi-User, Client/Server Windows application utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express database platform with integrated security, allowing different access levels for different users.
  2. Simple data access to locate parcels by map and lot, by owner name, or by parcel address.
  3. Intuitive tabbed interface so all information can be quickly displayed.
  4. Simple to use, point and click editing from attribute drop down boxes.
  5. Supports digital photos for each parcel.
  6. Complete building sketch generator that produces angles, arcs, and rotations.
  7. The sketch generator automatically labels all sub areas and dimensions after they are drawn or modified.
  8. Sophisticated User Query capabilities to identify parcels with common attributes.
  9. Can maintain data for income analysis approach to value for a particular parcel.
  10. Generates Inventory Form mailers to be sent to taxpayers in towns that require annual filings of property changes.
  11. Preformatted MS-1 Report generated with a single click -- all you do is sign it and send it to the DRA.
  12. Produces Preliminary Notices and Appointment letters for updating residents of assessment changes. Alternatively, the Speed Mailer provides a quick way of generating letters with customized messages to selected property owners.
  13. Dozens of standard reports to quickly answer the most common requests, along with User Defined Reporting capabilities.
  14. Integrated Crystal Reports components allowing the user to produce a multitude of standard reports that can be exported to any number of file formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe PDF.
  15. Integrated Sales Analysis to produce statistics required during state certification.
  16. GIS map display to locate parcels on a map, as well as create abutters lists and thematic maps such as zoning or land use. (You provide the digital shape files.)
  17. Calculates tax bills and tax warrant which can then be exported to Avitar Collect or any number of other applications.
  18. Maintains exemption and veterans credit information.
  19. Can be configured for public viewing, enabling real estate agents and appraisers to find the information they need without bothering town employees. Even let them print their own cards.
  20. Can be configured with our separate Update Database, allowing you to change values and attributes in a separate database during an update or revaluation process while current assessments are unchanged. All updates can then be applied at once.
  21. Ability to create a single Panoramic Database to associate JPG pictures and/or PDF documents with any parcel in the database that can be accessed by users in each of the Assessing, Tax Collect, and Building Permit software applications.

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