The Online Boat MAAP Module within Avitar Clerk is uniquely designed for New Hampshire communities and provides the Town with a complete clerk solution for registering boats that is fully compatible with the XML boat interface for the State of New Hampshire’s MAAP system. Unlike the Browser Boat functionality currently available within the software which requires the Clerk to double enter transactions processed on the State’s Browser computer, the Online Boat MAAP Module enables the clerk to process all transactions simultaneously in a single application.

Boat MAAP Module Features and Benefits
  1. Intuitive screens, drop down menus, tool bars, and tab controls that allow the user to view owner, boat, fee, and registration information from a single screen, eliminating the need to scroll through pages and pages of information.
  2. Look, feel, and functionality are consistent with Avitar’s Motor Vehicle MAAP module so users familiar with the online motor vehicle module will be able to register and renew boats easily with little, if any, learning curve.
  3. Utilizes the common fee settlement process shared by all modules so a single cart can include a boat registration, a motor vehicle registration, a dog license, and/or a clerk service for a single customer, simplifying the checkout and payment process.
  4. Uses the same printers as motor vehicle registrations.
  5. Displays a reminder boat icon in Fee Settlement if the current motor vehicle customer or dog licensing customer has a boat that has not been renewed, allowing for the option to renew it as part of the current cart.
  6. Boat decal inventory is similar to the existing motor vehicle inventory, allowing the system to maintain decal status, run audit reports, and associate the corresponding decal color with each year’s inventory.
  7. As with other modules, boat renewal transactions can be placed on hold for future retrieval and fee settlement if the customer does not have sufficient payment at fee settlement.
  8. Enables the Clerk to provide price quotes.


In addition to enabling the clerk to process all types of transactions from within a single application on a single computer, Avitar’s Online Boat MAAP Module offers the following advantages over the State Browser, when used in conjunction with the Browser Boat Tab within Avitar Clerk program:

  1. Eliminates the need for double entry of boat transactions processed in the State Browser and then again in Avitar Clerk to allow for maintenance and reporting within Avitar Clerk.
  2. Automatic calculation of boat agent and other town fees within the Avitar application.
  3. Inventory reports for the accounting of decals and transactions.
  4. Provides Price Quotes for new and renewal registrations enabling the user to provide residents with cost information prior to processing the complete transaction.
  5. Enables the clerk to process Administrative Complaints and returned checks.
Brochure (PDF)