Our Building Permit application is designed to help you maintain and organize building permit information for your community's Building Department. Tightly integrated with our Assessing system, Building Permit allows you to view your town's permits quickly and easily.  Review the features and benefits, then call us to schedule a demonstration. 

Building Permit Features and Benefits
  1. Multi-User, Client/Server Windows application utilizing the Microsoft SQL Server/SQL Express database platform, providing integrated security and allowing different access levels for different users. 
  2. Simple data access to locate parcels by map and lot, by owner name, or by parcel address. With just a few mouse clicks view only parcels that have Building Projects associated with them or toggle back to display all parcels.
  3. No need to re-enter information manually, the Building Permit data is coming directly from the existing Assessing database. The assessor is instantly updated when Permits are issued, ensuring the proper information is used when generating new Permits.
  4. Details screen allows the building inspector to view (but not edit) virtually all of the current parcel information maintained in Avitar Assessing.
  5. Add and modify the printed the Building Permit or any other type of Permit.
  6. Allows the user to completely customize the types Projects, Permits, Inspections, Documents, and Actions.
  7. Simple to use Projects Wizard enables the user to choose the types of Permits and Inspections that are required for a specific type of Project.
  8. The Contractor Wizard allows the user to enter frequently used Contractors, maintaining important phone numbers, license numbers, and notes.
  9. Documents tab provides links to files associated with a particular project such as digital photos, communications, license numbers, and contractor notes.
  10. Pictures tab adds the ability to add digital photos to Projects.
  11. Maintain detailed information about a property's water and septic.
  12. Schedule feature assists with managing inspections and other events. The Schedule will display a month's worth of events, consolidating on one screen all inspections, events, and reminder Post-Its which have been associated with a particular date.
  13. Reports include Permits, Under Construction, Expiring Permits, Collected Fees, Census Data, and mailing labels. Print the Building Department a copy of the Assessment Card. Reports can also be exported to a number of standard file formats including Adobe PDF, Word, and Excel.
  14. If your Building Permit system includes the optional Map functionality, you gain access to a wealth of expanded capabilities which enable you to query and create town-wide maps that add a whole new dimension to your data.
  15. Ability to create a single Panoramic Database to associate JPG pictures and/or PDF documents with any parcel in the database that can be accessed by users in each of the Assessing, Tax Collect, and Building Permit software applications. 

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